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12 May 13 May 14 May 15 May 16 May
08:00 Registration Registration Registration Registration Registration

Summary of Day 1 (10’)

Plenary 3

Themes B, C (20” each)

Keynote Speaker 9:  Laura Canevari, Acclimatise

Keynote Speaker 10: Mark Stafford-Smith, CSIRO

Keynote Speaker 11: Marcus Moench, ISET

+30’ discussion

Summary of Day 2 (10’)

Plenary 5

Themes C, D (20’ each)

Keynote Speaker 15: Dr. Carlos Klink, MMA

Keynote Speaker 16: Dr. Mark New, Uni Cape Town

Keynote Speaker 17: Dr. Rodney Martinez, CIIFEN  

+30’ discussion

Summary of Day 3 (10’)

Plenary 6

Themes D, E (20” each)

Keynote Speaker 18: Dr. Balgis Elasha, African Development Bank

Keynote Speaker 19: Edwin Castellanos, Univ del Valle-Guatemala

Keynote Speaker 20: Dr. Paulina Aldunce, Univ de Chile

+30’ discussion

Opening ceremonyDr. Cid Gomes, Governor of Ceara (15’)

Dr. Mariano F. Laplane, CGEE (10’)

Dr. Deborah Wetzel, World Bank (10’)

Dr. Slaeem Huq, PROVIA(5’)

Dr. Jose Marengo, INPE (5’)

Dr. Francisco J. Teixeira, Ministry of Integration (15’)

09:00 Opening Ceremony Conference Co-Chairs: S. Huq, J. Marengo (10’ each), Representatives of State and Federal GovernmentsKeynote Speaker 1: Marina Silva, Rede Sustentabilidade (30’)

+10’ discussion

Opening Voice of the Youth: Iranildo de Souza

10:00 Break Break Break Break Break

Plenary 1

Themes A, B (20” each)

Keynote Speaker 2: Dr. Chris Field, IPCC and Stanford Univ

Keynote Speaker 3: Dr. Diana Liverman, Univ, of Arizona

Keynote Speaker 4: Dr. Gina Zeirvogel, Univ Cape Town

+30’ discussion

Parallel sessions (6 sessions)

Themes BC

6 oral presentation (15 minutes each)

Parallel sessions (6 sessions)

Themes C, D

6 oral presentation (15 minutes each)

Parallel sessions (7 sessions)

Themes D, E

7 oral presentation (15 minutes each)

Keynote Speaker 24: Dr. Donald Wilhite, Univ of Nebraska (45’)Session 1: High level Panel of the United Nation Agencies

Chair: Francisco J. Teixeira, Ministry of Integration (20’)

Dr. Michel Jarraud, WMO

Dr. Monique Berbut, UNFCCD

Dr. Jose Graziano da Silva, FAO


12:00 Lunch + Posters (all themes) Lunch + Posters (all themes) Lunch + Posters (all themes) Lunch + Posters (all themes) Lunch 12:15 – 14:00
13:00 Side Event 1Presentation PROVIA  Side Event 3

Plenary 2

Themes A, B (20” each)

Keynote Speaker 5: Dr. Caroline Adler, ETH,

Keynote Speaker 6: Dr. Coleen Vogel, Univ of Pretoria

Keynote Speaker 7: Cynthia Rosenzweig, NASA GISS

+30’ discussion

Keynote Speaker 8: Bruce Hewitson, Univ Cape Town/TGICA

+25’ discussion

Plenary 4

Themes CD (20″ each)

Keynote Speaker 12: Dr. Anad Pattwardhan, UMD-IITB

Keynote Speaker 13: Dr. Keith Alverson, UNEP

Keynote Speaker 14: Dr. Pauline Dube, Univ of Botswana

Keynote Speaker 15: Dr. Mikko Ollikainen, Adaptation Fund

+10’ discussion

Parallel sessions (4 sessions)

Themes C, D

4 oral presentation (15 minutes each)

Panel sessions 4-5 (2 parallel sessions)

Themes C, D, E

5 invited Panelist Speakers (5’ intro from each + 1 hour panel debate)

Panel I: National Drought Policies-International Perspectives

Chair: Antonio D. Moura, INMET (20’ each)

Dr. Mannava Sivakumar (Ed. Chief Weather and Climate Extremes-Elsevier)

Representative of FAO

Dorte Verner, IDB

Elena Abraham, IADIZA



Keynote Speaker 25: Dr. Carlos Nobre, MCTI/SEPED (20’)

15:30 Break Break Break
15:45 BreakSide Event 2

Side Event 4

Parallel sessions (6 sessions)

Themes AC

6 oral presentations (15 minutes each)

Panel sessions 1-3 (3 parallel sessions)Themes ABC

5 invited Panelist Speakers (5’ intro from each + 1 hour panel debate)

Closing Plenary - Themes D, E (20’ each)Keynote Speaker 21:  Sergio Margulis, SAE, Brazil

Keynote Speaker 22: Dr. Xianfu Lu, UNFCCC

+30’ discussion

Keynote Speaker 23: Mr. Iranildo Souza F. Rice, Young Student of Ceara-Internacional Climate Champion/Climate Generation British Council (10’)

Closing ceremony (40’)

Conference Co-Chairs: S. Huq, J. Marengo (10’)

Representative of the federal government of Brazil (10’)


Parallel sessions (6 sessions)

Themes A, B

6 oral presentation (15 minutes each)

Session 2: National Drought Policies-National PerspectiveChair: Jose Machado, Ministry of Integration (20’)
17:10 Dr. Erwin de Nys, World BankDr. Joaquin Andreu, Spain

Dr. Mario Lopez Perez, Mexico

Closing Ceremony (30’)

Representatives of MO, CGEE, PROVIA, INPE, World Bank

17:30 Posters Posters Posters Side Event 5
19:00 Conference Reception and cocktail (At the Vila Gale Hotel)

In Friday 16th there will be an International High Level Workshop on Drought Policies in the Arid and Semi arid regions of the world meeting. This is part of the conference, and some people may be interested in staying one more day for this meeting, and for that we will focus on regional participation (from Brazil and Northeast Brazil) with some international participation from people from the Adaptation Futures Conference that wish to attend the workshop.